Fuck Death!

by When There Is None

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Angels indwell valleys of hell Sing songs of praise and of death Barely heard, wooden, sad Dipped in delusion, already dead Dead already, dead again The light swell of farewell Tired petrels sing themselves to sleep A heavy head comes to rest Worn out waves lying down to sleep Anxiety puts out to sea Held tight by tangled memories Slowly loosen the embrace Sweaty hands and shallow breath Quietness arrives in waves Slow waves, all dispersed Fast dreams, an inward urge Slow waves sinking in The outside world expiring Turning into smithereens Waves of sleep Deeply slow, slowly deep
A sea of shapeless angles A dusty taste The warmth of blood and sweat Running down our legs A world waiting to be set… Home-made hockey sticks Secretly smoked cigarettes Thoughts like missiles Ready to be misled Smashing your bad taste Throwing pebble stones Against your fake idyll And all that it stands for A world waiting to be set… On fire
All I ever was, a sad pet monkey All I ever knew, drink wine and watch TV I’m hardly there Don’t pray for me Please just leave me alone Please just leave me bleeding out Please don’t give me shit, just want to feel like it Fuck everyone and everything I cover myself in sheets and apathy Just get up for cold spaghetti and medicine I’m hardly there Don’t pray at all When I look them straight into the face It feels like they have… When I look into their eyes it feels like Like they might… They might have feelings, too
Whirlwind 03:43
Too short to seize, crooked and curved Wads of smoke, thinly dispersed Snippets of sound all around Dancing shadows hint at what we could be And we waste it all away Carefully Destroy ourselves With ease And all that glistens is the fire in our eyes Slight touches mapped by chance A wild turmoil of moments Sparks flying through the night A vortex of flickering lights Whirlwind All shapes up in flames Everything will be fire Everything’s gonna be Whirlwind
Badly fitting clothes Awkward silence, sore jokes An accidental ballet Under all that hair Hides a crazy, wild stare “Shut up and play!” Don’t want to sell Some bloodless shell Because all that we can offer is Bleeding ears and sweat and spit A loud, beautiful mess A damp smell radiates Clumsy clowns kill themselves “Can I borrow your guitar?” Broken dreams and strings Forgot the replacements As well as myself Here we come as we are A big, bright, shining pile of shards Don’t try to buy what can’t be bought Don’t try to sell what can’t be sold Don’t want to buy, don’t want to sell
Fuck Death! 01:48
How well can we walk through the fire? Me and you I remember As the pain resounds We’re not alone in this How long can we withstand heat and flames? Fuck death! We’re all getting burned But not alone We’re all going to die But not this time This time there’ll be light There are ways I’m prepared To heave life I know there’ll be light
Dying Daze 02:05
Sights, sounds and feels Pass me by like a breeze Hazy memories The infinity of time and space Slips through me like grains of sand No grasp The last sparks of a dying day Whirling around me All is enveloped in smoke Dead notes, shed hopes, sad jokes A glance as empty as This cloudless spring sky But oddly awry I think, believe and mean Nothing at all as I sit here As I disappear I float on dust and ashes And soon I’ll be ashes, too
Flood 03:54
These words are A house of cards A light breeze, a slight hit And they fall apart These chords form a port Against this violent storm These harmonies shimmer on the troubled sea Wild waves roaring free We are an idea Vague and intangible Like a floating sound Elusive, but all around Rippling waters, glistening sea foam Rising tide, a swell of sound A feral shimmer, a dazzling chime A gush of gleaming harmonies Streaming out Roaring free
Sour Lies 04:14
They say they’ve got the key to everything you need But their treasure room’s an empty tomb Like lemmings we jump off the rock ledge When Mickey pushes us in the back Our lives - sour lies Close your eyes not to see What it’s really all about Disguised - truth dies Don’t take shit for granted and don’t tell me That we are lost We’re guilty of the crimes of the establishment We work and buy and kill for them It’s not solidarity that leaves us weak But the obvious lack of it Who’s entertained? Who’s enslaved? This theme park’s a growing mass grave A death machine driven by a million cogs But we can throw our wrenches in the works Who’s entertained? Ask yourself! Who’s enslaved? There’s still so much more to it than that
The scars on our knees and on our shins Wouldn’t hold us back Just like the pain in the fingertips A youth like a distant howl Every grind made a strange, resonating sound A blazing tone through a mindless mind And cigarette smoke Waiting to be swallowed whole Grind to the edge Never mind the gap Wasted and worn out on a bike Closed eyes Riding home, traveling in time A youth like a smashed beer can Emptied out, carelessly thrown away Drinking fire, talking shit Soaring hopes Waiting to be swallowed whole Careless swains with growing pains Brawl and roar with every pore
Wild Animals 02:59
These thoughts have claws Tearing this world into pieces To see what’s underneath Until everything’s severed And all bonds are cut through And nothing’s left to hold onto Trapped and caged Wild animals Not to be released Tamed and staged Wild animals Not to be unleashed These thoughts have jaws Grinding on the shackles of reality Trying to bite through everything Until all fangs are dull And every tooth hurts And the emptiness unfurls No one’s meant To be this way No one’s meant To be anything
Kalt 03:20
After dark, fires burn The flaming cold has returned These ghosts are far more real Than the proof of your conspiracy Another cold, cold night Broken glass, poorly patched A pattern on repeat In a cold, cold land Disdain and hate, poorly veiled An odious state we need to end Fiery words, frozen hearts Echoes of a repressed past These ghosts are far more real Than your imaginary history Death-filled eyes, a sea of tears Far away truths drawing near These ghosts are far more real Than the threat you strive to see Nothing burns like this cold


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



When There Is None Aachen, Germany

learned to see a light when there is none

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