by When There Is None

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released October 24, 2014

Recorded in February 2014 at the 79'Sound Studio by Christoph Scheidel
Mixed & mastered at the Atomic Garden Studio by Jack Shirley
Release via Rockstar Records


all rights reserved



When There Is None Aachen, Germany

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Track Name: The Sea Is My Sister
Now that we're facing the ocean
It will swallow us and take us home
But this waveband would wait forever
For us to settle before we drown

We toiled, wore out, tried and failed
We cursed the city and its streets
For leaving us all alone
With clenched fists and cold feet

Tried to leave this orbit of faded stars
Tried to hide the heart from the head
Are you a liar when you’re lying to yourself?

No matter how this will end
Won’t ever change the way I feel
We always were and we’ll always be

Divided as one

We find ourselves abandoned
Detached from what we’ve been
All our hopes and fears
Taken by the sea
I’ll enjoy these last seconds
Suffer from the lack of oxygen
Cradled by the rhythm of the waves
Taken by the sea
Track Name: Warpaint
Colour my heart dove blue
Colour my thoughts jet black
Colour me far away
A new coat of paint on the bleakness of these days

We burn away like cigarettes
This town is
An ashtray
And the stubs are washed away
Washed away by the rain

Colour my hopes sea foam green
Colour my anger blood red
Colour me far away
A new coat of paint on the greyness of this place

We float away like vapour trails
Scattered to
The winds
And the sky doesn’t give a shit
It just looks bored and grey

Crooked in the air
Trembling ground
No turning back
Open range
No spurs, no reins
No head, no neck

Used to hide behind tiny thoughts
But I declare
I’m at war! I’m at war!
With everything and everyone
Dashing ideas against concrete walls
I’m at war! I’m at war!
Track Name: Embers
If someone sent a spark I’d catch fire right on the spot
Talks passing by
And I drown in a cloud of sounds
And we are here and you’re not
And somehow everything feels wrong

So I hold on to
What I know, why I’m here, why I need to sing these songs
Though I wish you’d still be around
Every drop of sweat, every word of every line, every note
And I’ll try not to fool around anymore

I know I tend to get lost in my own thoughts
With eyes shut down
And no more world beyond the lids
But now I’m here without apologies
But a palmful of grit

A second life to live
In a million pieces at our feet
Burdened with a word of goodbye
And a song to set it free
Track Name: Have Love, Will Stay For Coffee
The rails pass by like clouds
And I’m thinking of our time on the road
Of peppermint liquor laughs, trampled plastic buckets
And a slight longing for home

Stumbling through life like a dancing bear
Wild heart, thin fur
But home is where

Home is where
The coffee maker groans and moans
Heart is home
My heart in my throat

I’d love to love you even more
But I’m in a kind of hurry
Still hurry hardly ever pays
So let’s just have another cup of coffee

Running like a razor through the world
But never meant to hurt
Anybody else

Home is where
The coffee maker groans and moans
Heart is home
My heart in my throat
Two cups and a spoon
I’ll promise you to come back soon
Heart is home
Your heart on your tongue
Safe and sound
Track Name: Control
Sometimes this world leaves me speechless
Overwhelmed by disgust
Sometimes I don’t mind being heartless
A feeling I can trust
Falling in a hole
Full thrust

Don’t wanna know about your mode
Of lifelessness
I’m gonna show you shit that will scare
Both of us to death

I’m digging deep
I’m digging deeper
I put myself in a hole
For shelter

Or unease
You’ve got a choice
Track Name: Tiger Lungs
These rules smell of elite distrust
But they don’t need to hold true for us

We’ll just take care of each other
Sisters and brothers
Daughters and sons
Of no one
Sing every song
That we know

And when we realize
That we don’t know the words
Don’t know the words
We’d just keep on
And go

We start to breathe and to see
Not who you are but what you give
Not staying busy hanging tough
Just singing at the top of
Our lungs
The daughters and the sons
Track Name: The Big Sleep
Light rays break through
The leafage
My mind reaches
For the treetops and beyond
Winter comes in like a bad guest
And his cold breath
Touches my hand
And reminds me that I’m alive

Dashing through the undergrowth
As this cold, cold, cold
Friend returns home
Taking chances before
The heartbeat slows
And the eyes shut down

It’s freaking cold
But I’m not freezing
I’m just breathing
And running as fast as I can
The cold quiets
The noises of summer
And the hunger
That I used to feel

Take a chance to breath
Cold wind in my face
Before I sink to sleep
I’ll find rest inside myself
Track Name: MS Black Milk
Fan makeup smudged from tears
Sweatpants stained from piss
The screen casts a light glow
A gaze into the abyss

Swallowed by a sea of flags
No land in sight
Feeling the cold of the waves
As I swim against the tide

Feel like a seasick sailor
Who has to swallow his own puke
A herd tended by hate and fear
But I’m not a black sheep, I’m a wolf

You don’t need to raise your arm
To salute the same blue print
Some things were meant
To end up just like they did

Patriotism and party mood
Oh so relaxed
But the makeup can’t mask
The ugly face

Feel like a seasick sailor
Who has to swallow his own puke
A herd tended by hate and fear
But I’m not a black sheep, I’m a wolf

Upset this boat!
Track Name: Tidal Wave
Big expressions often turn out empty
While small words tend to grow, that’s why I choke
On my own thoughts
Who could’ve thought that a single stitch
Could drown everything inside
All at once

I’m a light bulb
When you turn me on
I burn out

We’re all daughters, we’re all sons
With a burden to bear and shoes to fill
All on our own
Expectations and disappointments
So please don’t search between these lines for me
I’m already gone

I’m a star
When you see my light
I’m no more

I’m everything I never said
A forgotten umbrella in the rain
But if you let go I’ll let go with you

There’ll be a thousand times when you’re soaking wet
Chilled to the bone by heavy rains
At mercy of the sea
But when the storm is gone and we’re left on our own
We’re still alive
You’ll see

I’m a light house
No shelter from the rain
I’m just there

Don’t expect me to
Wash away your pain
Let me move you
Without a word

The whole world at the top of its lungs
Track Name: Almost Right Words
I’m wasting time, I’m wasting words
While all these stories go untold
Organ grinders in my head
Reduce it all, break it down
My heart weighs a ton
A clarity that hurts

Caught up in a storm of wasted words
Words wasted so well
Can’t grasp what should be said
Squeeze out another broken heart
And pour me one more glass
Inebriated for a short moment

Don’t know if this weary head
These idle hands
Are in control of myself
My heart abandons all abandoned hopes
Takes one for the road
And breaks lose

I know we’re all bound to die
But I’d be lying
If I said
I was not afraid
While I’m trying to beat death
With every word

Don’t know if this weary head
These idle hands
Are in control of myself
My heart abandons all abandoned hopes
Takes one for the road
And breaks loose
From what I know
From all these almost right words
Track Name: Wrong Way Up In A Bloodstained Sleeping Bag
Grew tired of writing about myself wasting away
Too many feelings twisted into worn clichés
How can I ever live up to what we’re singing about?
These lyrics swallow me and puke me out

But when the roar of day
Clears the way
For the sounds of night
I shake off the dust
And drift away
With my eyes closed tight

An eternity away from home
Worn out, stuck on a backseat, tired bones
And there’s nothing romantic
About a lack of sleep and self-hate
And there’s nothing romantic
About being an asshole in an asshole band

There must be some reason
When it’s just us
Nothing, if not ourselves
More than a feeling
Something we can trust
Nothing, if not ourselves
Track Name: Separated And Afraid
My mouth is dry and dark
My teeth are grey and hard
I’m eating money and fast cars
I’m eating lies and TV stars

My throat is scarred and sore
My lungs are black and small
I’m breathing concrete and fear of death
I’m breathing neon light and distress

We sell our lives
Even if we know the pay is bad
We take the medicine
Even if we hate its taste
Just to stay
Separated and afraid

My heart is broken and cold
My eyes are weary and old
I’m dreaming porn and war films
I’m dreaming angst and advertisements

Tastefully furnished self-pity
I hope one day we’ll smash this armchair of history

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